Thanks to our geographical situation and our interest in the profession, we have naturally strengthened our position over the years in the agricultural sector and, more specifically, in the wine sector.

The sector’s specific practices in terms of taxation, regulations and social issues make it a speciality in its own right. Our multidisciplinary team has the knowledge and expertise required to support you in all your projects. Whether they relate to development, investment, assessment or the transfer of assets, we can help you and advise you on how to proceed. Your success is our business.

Today around half of our clients work in this business sector and continue to rely on our services year after year.

Producers of Grands Crus Classés, Crus Bourgeois, family businesses, small and large châteaux of the main designations (right and left banks of Bordeaux area, Dordogne, Charente, etc.), cooperatives, wine syndicates and merchants:  we shall always welcome you as our clients and place our expertise at your service.

With a view to continuously improving our services, we decided to pool our expertise with that of other accounting firms which are also experts in the agricultural sector. This idea led to the creation of AGIRAGRI and the BSF Group is one of its main founding members.

Created in 2011, AGIRAGRI is a national network that brings together accounting firms and specialist lawyers, with the aim of pooling the best expertise available in the agricultural and wine sectors. With the support of this network we are among the leading consultancies in the wine and agriculture sectors.


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